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Club Constitution Requirements

Every Bowling Club affiliated to WP Bowls should have the the following as a part of their Club Constitution. These requirements are to ensure that your Club complies with various South Africa legal and sporting code requirements.

South African Institute for Drug Free Sport Anti-Doping Programme

The following paragraphs should be included in the Club Constitution of every Bowling Club.

The club shall accept and abide by the spirit and terms of the South African Institute for Drug Free Sport (SAIDFS) Anti-Doping Programme and the Anti-Doping Rules, including the application of its sanctions to individuals and shall respect the authority of and co-operate with SAIDFS and the hearing bodies in all anti-doping matters which are not governed by the rules of the relevant International Federation.

The club and its members shall abide by all agreements entered into between Bowls South Africa and any authority relating to the promotion, control or testing of prohibited substances and drug use by any member of any club in the republic of South Africa”.

Disciplinary Procedure

There have, over the past few years, been a number of disputes referred to Bowls SA for adjudication. This is contrary to the procedures outlined in the District and Bowls SA Constitutions. Accordingly, Bowls SA have instructed all Clubs to please ensure that their Club Constitutions contain the necessary Disciplinary Procedures.

Ideally, your Club Constitution should contain the two paragraphs shown below. The contents of the Disciplinary and Grievance Procedure outlined in the documents available for download should then also be included.

The club through its committee shall be obliged to take appropriate disciplinary action against any of its individual members who contravene any applicable code of conduct, rule, bylaw or resolution by the club committee, District or Bowls SA or who commits any act deemed to be harmful to the sport of bowls or any other member or person at any club, bowls facility or bowls event or any other act which brings the sport into

It is the responsibility of each member of the club to ensure that they are acquainted with the relevant disciplinary code of conduct as well as the disciplinary procedure of the club.