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Why Play Bowls?

Bowls is Fun!

Lawn bowls is one of the best kept secrets in sporting circles, but with the current explosion in its popularity (particularly among younger players) that is changing fast!

Whether you’re looking for a recreational activity with plenty of social interaction or a fast-paced strategy-based sport offering the opportunity of achieving at the highest levels, lawn bowls is the logical choice.

If you thought lawn bowls is a sedate leisure activity just for older people, you are in for a pleasant shock. It can be a game of skill and strategic tactics or simply enjoyable and relaxing – it’s up to you!

You can start at age 7 and still be enjoying it at 100! You don’t need substantial training or skills to have a great game on the green.

Anyone can play!

Bowls is a sport that provides great companionship, gamesmanship and competition. It can be played on equal terms by almost everyone.

Bowls is a sport for all ages, from the young bowler through to adult bowlers. It doesn’t require special strength or athletic ability. You can be any body shape or size and is inclusive of disability athletes.

Bowls is known for the great spirit with which the game should be played.  Get in the spirit of bowls and see where it can take you.

Age doesn’t matter

There are national competitions in a variety of age groups, including:

  • Under 15
  • Under 20
  • Under 30
  • Open
  • Veteran

Many tournaments and competitions are non-age group specific and anyone of any age can enter. In the 2020 Men’s League competition there are bowlers aged from 10 to 93!