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2022 Personal Trust Power Trips Information

2022 Personal Trust Power Trips Information

The first year of the Personal Trust Power Trips was very popular but did have several challenges. We have (we believe) learnt from those challenges!

All the input received has been carefully considered and some changes have been made.

While all the details are covered in the Conditions of Play, they are summarised here for your ease of reference.

  • The scoring system has been simplified. There are now a total of 4 Set Points and 1 Game Point per rink, for a total of 15 points available per game.
  • The Declaration Sheet has been scrapped and pared down to a Results sheet which is to be used to submit competition results.
  • No Sides will need to move from one venue to another on any day of competition. The first weekend will finish the Round Robin, and the final day will see all teams playing a semi-final and final based on the Round Robin results.

We believe that these changes will make the competition even more fun and exciting than it was last year, and sincerely hope that you all agree.

Please visit the Power Trips competition page for the draws, results, Conditions of Play and other documentation.

Format of Play

  • The format is 2-bowl Triples.
  • Each game consists of two sets of 5 ends – and possibly a Tiebreak.
  • Trial ends may be played before each game.
  • If the jack moves out of bounds during play, it should be replaced on the 2-metre mark.
  • Leads and Seconds may not approach the head and should stay at the mat until they have completed delivering their bowls.
  • Skips may approach the head after delivery of their first bowl.

Sides & Teams

  • Each Side of 9 players consists of 3 Teams of 3, all being members of the same Club.
  • A Captain should be appointed for each Side.

Team Allocations

  • There will be no draw for which teams play each other. The captain of each side will allocate numbers to their three teams before game day.
  • On game day, team 1 will play team 1, team 2 will play team 2 and team 3 will play team 3.

Rink Allocations

  • The hosting club will pre-draw rinks to be allocated to teams 1, 2 and 3
  • Hosting clubs should pre-draw rinks for all games they are hosting!

The Mat

  • The Team Captains will toss a coin for the mat.
  • The Side winning the toss can choose to keep the mat or give it to the other Side. The Side not in possession of the mat for the first end of the first set, will have possession for the first end of the second set.
  • On all other ends, the team that won the previous end will have possession of the mat.

Power Play

  • Each team is allowed one Power Play per Set.
  • A Power Play may be called on any end during the Set.
  • Any shots scored by a team on an end when they have called a Power Play are doubled.
  • The nomination of a Power Play must be made before the jack is rolled.
  • The Skip must ensure that each member of the opposition team is aware that a Power Play has been called.
  • Both teams can call a Power Play on the same end.
  • If a Power Play is not called by a team during a set, their right to have a Power Play is forfeited.


Sides are entered by the Clubs, and can be any mix of gender. This is to ensure that Clubs with less men or less women do not miss out. It is up to the Club selectors to work together to select their Sides and setup their Teams within those Sides.

For Flag and Muter you have a Side of 8, divided into 2 Fours teams.
For Power Trips you have a Side of 9, divided into 3 Trips teams.

Club’s are encouraged to embrace the concept of mixed gender Sides and Teams.


Day 1 – Saturday 4 June @ 13:30
Game 1                 Round Robin within your Group
Game 2                 Round Robin within your Group
Tea Break
Game 3                 Round Robin within your Group

Day 2 – Sunday 5 June @ 09:30
Game 3                 Round Robin within your Group
Game 4                 Round Robin within your Group
Tea Break

After the first 2 days, all the Round Robin games will have been completed.

For each Tier, the team finishing first in each group will go through to the semi-finals for the top 4 places. The teams finishing second in each group will go through to the semi-finals for places 5 to 8, and so on.

This means that there will be no need to any teams to move from one venue to another on the last day of the competition.

Day 3 – Saturday 11 June @ 14:00
Game 5                Semi-Finals
Tea break
Game 6                Finals



  • The two Sets are completely independent of each other and shots are not carried forward from one Set to the other.
  • Each Set is worth 2 points.
  • If a Set is drawn the teams score 1 point each.


  • The Team with the most points scores an additional 1 point.


  • If the points are tied after 2 Sets, then a single end tiebreak is played.
  • The Skips will toss a coin for the mat. The winner of the toss can choose to keep the mat or give it to the other team.
  • The tie break end is worth 1 point.
  • If the tie break end results in a no-shot, then another tie break end should be played, with the same rules as above.

Total Points

  • Each rink is worth a total of 5 points.
    (2 points per Set, and 1 point for the side either having the most points after 2 Sets, or the side winning the Tiebreak).
  • The total points available for each match is 15.
    (5 points per rink)

Round Robin Table

During the Round Robin in each Tier, Sides will be placed in the log according to the following criteria:

  • Total number of points scored
  • If two or more teams have the same number of points, the total number of Sets won (excluding Tiebreaks) will be used to determine their place on the table.
  • If two or more teams are still tied, the Side that scored the most points when they played each other will be placed ahead on the table.
  • If two or more teams are still tied, then toss of a coin will be used to determine their positions relative to one another.

Results Entry

The Declaration Forms used in 2021 have been replaced completely by a Results sheet.  They caused a lot of confusion, and a large part of each game day was spent in completing them.

The Results sheet does not require that all the player’s names and numbers are entered, and Clubs are asked to take responsibility to ensure that they do not field ineligible players. Clubs who are found to have breached this responsibility will be subject to disciplinary action.

Results Submission sheets have already been generated for each Hosting Club, with the game details filled in for you – just fill in the scores and send the sheet in!

These can be downloaded from the Power Trips Competition Page.

Completed Example of the Results Submission Sheet

All possible score combinations for a game