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Bowling is the sport for all!

Bowling is the sport for all!

Over the past couple of weeks, our Marketing and Membership Manager, Taz Bright, has visited the majority of our Bowling Clubs with the attached marketing drive being the main discussion. 

This marketing poster (attached) has been designed to inspire people to book a rink at their nearest bowling club. This poster is not Club specific but rather for the whole district with a link to all the Club’s contact details on the WP website on the bottom right corner.

The emphasis is on how safe our non-contact sport is to play and why not give it a try? We have a huge opportunity following the pandemic to embrace a new generation of membership.

Many people have been restricted to their homes, experienced loss of fitness and are now also looking for a safer sporting option. This means for many people, bowls could now be a safe and affordable option.

We have a wonderful opportunity here to grow our sport with new sportsmen & sportswomen unable or not willing to return to their former contact sport. These potential members are across the entire age spectrum.

The emphasis here is also going to be on our coaches. Jenny Griffiths (Convenor of the Coaches Standing Committee) has sent out a Coaches Newsletter to connect with all our District Coaches.

Please can you direct this marketing material to your Club Committee, Club Coaches and your Club M&M Officer. This can be sent out on social media platforms / to your membership as you so wish. Taz will be sending this advertising out in newspapers and on various platforms within other sporting arenas and neighbourhoods as well.

Hopefully, we can turn this negative period into a positive with more people finding their way to our sport. 

If you have any questions/enquiries / are unsure about setting up bookings / if your club is limited with the number of coaches please contact Taz to arrange a meeting. We have a coaching team that will follow up and assist with new potential members across the district.

Let’s get some fresh blood and new members into our clubs and share our sport with our neighbours, friends and family.