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We can bowl again!

We can bowl again!

Fantastic news for bowls today as the Minister has given Lawn Bowling permission to start bowling again.

This permission is subject to the implementation of the health and safety protocols that have been distributed by Bowls South Africa.

All Clubs must please note the following:

  1. No club may resume any activity until their compliance certificate has been completed and submitted to the relevant District / Province and posted onto the Bowls SA Database.
  1. The health and safety protocols that have been established have been done based on universal best practices with regard to these and in accordance with the requirements as laid down by the Government in legislation that has been issued from time to time. With this in mind please understand the following:

    The protocols set out are done with the intention of minimizing the spread of Covid-19 amongst those persons who are at the club be it as an employee or as a player.

    Whilst some people may consider them as onerous or excessive it must be remembered that the primary aim is to protect everyone’s health as best as possible under the health conditions, we, as a country, find ourselves in.

    People who decided to operate outside of these protocols must understand very carefully that their actions could have the effect of jeopardising other people’s health.

    They should also understand that should any person be infected by the virus and they have been in contact with other people at the club there is every likelihood that the facility will be closed until authorities have cleared it for use again.
  1. According to well documented scientific research with regard to Covid-19 people over the age of sixty and those with comorbidities are the most vulnerable group. With Seventy percent of our members falling within the age group and the likelihood, because of age, that many will have one or more comorbidity it goes without saying that we need to be extra vigilant so if you fit within this profile please take special care and be extra vigilant.
  1. The symptoms associated with Covid-19 are well documented. Any person who has any of these are requested to consult with the medical authorities and refrain from going to club or indeed any public facility.
  1. Neither Bowls South Africa nor any of the Districts / Provinces have the capacity or time to monitor each club. The onus rests squarely with the management of each club to ensure the proper health and safety protocols are put in place and adhered to. Should any person or club be found to be guilty of violation of these protocols by the authorities and such violation impacts on the rest of the members such person or club will be in contravention of the Bowls South Africa code of conduct and subject to any action that may arise as a consequence thereof
  1. One of the key imperatives in monitoring the spread of the Covid-19 virus is the ability to identify all those who have come into contact with an infected person. That is the reason why a register must be kept identifying every person that is at the club on a daily basis. Should it ever be deemed necessary the authorities will have a legal right to access to that information. Failure by any club to comply with this matter could have a negative impact on our sport.
  1. In our everyday walk of life activities, we are encouraged to exercise ‘social distancing’ and this practice needs to be adhered to at all times at our facilities. On the greens the minimum acceptable distance between rinks will be the standard of two meters either side of each rink. Given the dimensions of our greens it is quite conceivable that more than three rinks can be set out and still keep the two-meter rule in place. Obviously, the exact way this will happen should be done after careful consideration and with input from your greenkeepers.
  1. Because of the two-meter guideline only those disciplines as set out in the protocols may be used. Hopefully in time to come we will get back to normal as far as this is concerned.
  1. Access to the club is limited to those facilities as identified and until such time as permission is given no bars are to be open or any refreshments to be served. Once you have completed your sessions please do not loiter at the club in groups for whatever reason.

Please make sure that you are aware of the relevant regulations, stay safe and be kind to each other!

Please see our dedicated Covid-19 page for all the documents and other details.

Good bowling!